Join Poet Laureate Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman for a series of serene writing meetups amidst the natural beauty of Prince George's County, MD parks!

From May to September, immerse yourself in two hours of "quiet hours" designed for uninterrupted writing and reading in the company of fellow writers. Each month, gather in a different county park, including Fort Washington Park, Cosca Park, Allen Pond Park, National Harbor, and Watkins Park, to find inspiration in nature and connect with local writers.

Enjoy a brief introduction and writing prompt led by guest poets, followed by ample time for personal reflection and creation. Respect for fellow participants' focus is paramount, so bring your headphones and embrace the tranquil atmosphere.

Remember to pack your park essentials – chairs, blankets, water bottles, sunscreen, and insect repellent – as we embark on this communal writing journey. Don't miss this opportunity to nurture your creativity, forge connections, and share your literary voice with the community.

Register now to secure your spot and discover the joy of writing outdoors in community!


Upcoming Poets in the Park Quiet Meetups:

May 11

June 8

July 13

August 10

September 14

Poets in the Park Partners:

Black Writers for Peace and Social Justice (BWPSJ) was founded in 2024 to provide skill-building learning experiences for writers intent on creating a writing and public engagement practice founded in tenets of peace and social justice.

Liberated Muse Arts Group is a dynamic and innovative creative collective dedicated to amplifying diverse voices and fostering artistic expression across various mediums. Founded on principles of inclusivity, empowerment, and social justice, Liberated Muse provides a platform for artists from marginalized communities to showcase their talents and share their stories with the world. Through a rich tapestry of music, poetry, theater, visual art, and more, Liberated Muse sparks meaningful dialogue, cultivates cultural understanding, and inspires positive social change. With a focus on collaboration, community engagement, and artistic excellence, Liberated Muse Arts Group serves as a catalyst for artistic innovation and cultural enrichment, empowering artists and audiences alike to embrace their authentic voices and celebrate the beauty of human expression.oleman, Liberated Muse Arts Group has been transforming spaces into art places since 2008.